Friday, October 30, 2020

A Candy Corn Fail?

 Hello Readers. Do you like candy corn? Honestly, I hate it. It is so over sweet it is too much for me. I love the color combination. That yellow and orange color combination always always appeals to me.  So what did I do to recreate that color combo? First I found a white shirt. Actually, I found 2. 

 These white t-shirts are from my husband. Yes, I have used a lot of his clothes. He agreed to it, I swear. I wanted to dip the shirts in yellow dye but leave the shoulders white. Then I would dye the bottom of the shirts orange. I thought it would be festive but not creepy for fall and Halloween.

I wanted to dye these 2 shirts to get the yellow and orange of these beautiful candies that I hate the taste of but love the look of. 

 I also wanted to try and use a cheaper method of dying the shirts. Would acrylic paint act like dye if I watered it down? I wanted to find out. (Short answer: Not really.) Acrylic paint is water based so I mixed in a lot of water and got very watery paint. I dipped the shirts in yellow water+paint and let it sit overnight. I let the shirts dry out and then did the same thing with orange water+paint. My 5 year old really liked mixing the paint and water and dipping the shirts into the dye bath. I let the shirts air dry completely before the next step.

I used a shirt that fit well to get the size and fit I wanted in the new shirt. 

 What would I wear with this candy corn shirt? Well, leggings seemed like a comfortable option. I found these black leggings at an outdoor clothes swap recently. It was great to have the swap outside where it was safer.

 They looked brand new but the elastic waistband was loose. It had broken or had been cut. I just reconnected it and stitched the waistband closed.

 I was happy enough with this craft. My son and I could could be candy corn twins. The idea of paint as a dye did not turn out as well as I had hoped. The colors were not bright and clear. The orange didn't show much at all. But it was a fun little project to do with my little guy so, that made it worth trying.He liked mixing the paint and dipping the shirts. (Full Disclosure: I gave him a donut to get these pictures.)

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself. And Happy Halloween if you are celebrating this holiday.


A.C. said...

I appreciate your funny posts. We all need a good laugh in a pandemic, don't we ?

And the donut bribe ! I taught public school for 27 years and I am quite familiar with bribery to get kids to co-operate--ha,ha. (I needed an expense account !)

So glad you continue to shed a little sunshine with your posts. Also,I feel the same way about over-exposing arms, chest area, and whatever they are flaunting these days, which oddly enough seems to be tummies however flabby they are ! What are they thinking ??

I don't know of any place that has so many (or any) clothes "swaps". I live in Southern California and we have some good thrift stores (and plenty of them)with good sale days, but no "swaps" here that I am aware of. Maybe it's a Mid-West thing. I want one.
Take care, be safe.

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks for the comment AC! My little man likes to do projects but hates pictures! I am not above bribery/payment for his helping me show off the clothes.
Happy thrifting to you!