Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Suede Jacket Is Now A Purse

Hello Readers. I hope you are happy and well. I am still enjoying my refashion projects. I love to change something old into something new. This suede jacket for instance. I've had this jacket for a long time. I have been thinking about what to create from it.

It wasn't an awful jacket. I just didn't really want a suede jacket, but a new purse would be nice. This is a nice, neutral tan color. It will be great as a purse. And those pockets will come in handy.

I cut the lining and shoulder padding out of the jacket. I used a seam ripper to remove all the fabric scraps left on the edges in the jacket.

It was easy to cut through the suede. I thought it might be too tough or too thick but I easily removed the sleeves and shoulders. The body of the jacket will be my new bag. 

Inside the jacket the seams look like this. It is in good condition and the raw edges obviously won't fray. It will be inside the bag so no one will see these seams. But it's nice to know they are smooth, neat, and sturdy.

I was going to attach straps and I used this buttonhole knife set to cut round holes through the suede. I measured carefully so I would have even balanced straps. It was like cutting through butter. I need to work with suede more often. It is soft and doesn't fray.

I bought some braided cord online. (Note- I used 5 mm size cord.) I couldn't find any at the fabric store but Amazon had about a dozen colors to choose from. I threaded it through the holes and tied big knots at the ends. You can see the stitching along the top of the bag. I folded the raw edge in and it was very easy to sew through. I used a universal needle, I didn't need a leather needle or special thread.

Here is the finished bag. It is very simple and the suede is super soft. I like the knots showing.  One side of the bag still has a pocket which is nice for my keys. The other jacket pocket is inside the purse.

I cleaned out my old purse and put all my things into this new bag. I found all these coins at the bottom of my bag. No wonder my purse was so heavy. Goodness, no one needs all these. I should clean things out more often.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

***Hello again. I am adding some pictures in response to some questions I got about this bag. Queen Of Rods, this is for you. I hope this helps. Thanks again for reading.

Here is a picture of the bag inside out. It is the lower part of the jacket, folded in thirds. So there are three layers of suede here.

At the bottom you can see the three layers of jacket and original hem from the jacket is still in place. It seems that some glue was used on the seams and I didn't want to rip or damage the suede by forcing the whole thing apart. I just sewed down one side, across the bottom and up the other side of my bag. 

The inner layer I made shorter and it divides the bad in half. I thought it would help me stay organized. One front pocket is there inside and the other front pocket is on the outside of the bag.

 You can also see a white patch inside the bag. It is where the pocket it sewn to the suede. I assume it is for strength, so I left it alone. 

I didn't line the bag because I like the leather inside and I don't want to add bulk or weight. It isn't that big to begin with, I don't want to sacrifice space to a lining. It would make it look more finished though, so maybe next time.


Queen Of Rods said...

This is a great refashion, and you've got me thinking about turning my coat into a bag too :) Could you post a picture of the inside of the bag, please? Did you line it? Did you have to move the second pocket to the inside? Thanks for a great post.

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks, Queen Of Rods. I will try to add some pics. I couldn't get any well lit shots of the inside. I didn't line the inside. The fifth image is the reverse side of the suede. It was a nice smooth leather so I left it as it was with no added lining. Glad you liked it, thanks for your comment.

Queen Of Rods said...

This is so clever. Thanks for the extra pics and explanation :)

jenny_o said...

What a beautiful purse! It turned out so well. I love the clean lines, and your trick of folding the jacket in thirds and ending up with a divider is genius :) Enjoy your bag!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks Jenny-o! It was fun to try a new kind of project.

Sassygirl1985 said...

Beautiful purse! I'm now on the hunt for a cheap leather or suede jacket at goodwill to make my own. Question, what size braided cord did you use? I'm looking at some online but they range from 3mm to 7mm to larger. Just curious because I like the size of the one you used. :)

I Can Work With That said...

Hello Sassygirl1985. Great name! The cord I used was 5mm. I really should have said so in the post. I will add a note. Thanks for the great question.