Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Dog Needs A Safety Vest

Hello Readers. If you read the title you are probably wondering why my dog needs a safety vest. What is he up to that is putting him in danger? Well, I like to walk everyday and he needs a daily walk but he can't take the heat. It is really hot this time of year and so we walk him at night. It is dark and his fur is black so he is hard to see. There aren't a lot of street lights where I live. I thought if he wore this reflective vest he would be more visible.

The vest is man-shaped and I need it to be dog-shaped. You can see here it is too big on K.C. He is a big dog but this vest isn't going to work like this. It also needs to be out of the way in the belly so he can do his business.

I opened up the lower front of the vest. I just folded the lower front corners in and sewed them inside. 
I also took out about 6 inches from the back. I just sewed a new seam down the middle of the back of the vest and cut away the excess. It is sort of plastic-like, so it wont fray.
 I also made some darts in the back, shoulder blade area (Do dogs have shoulder blades?) because the arm holes were too big and loose.

Here is K.C. in the finished jacket. It is still loose enough so he in comfortable. It took a lot of treats to get this picture because I woke him up and he was enjoying his nap.

Here is the vest in the dark. It is not a great picture but you can see it is very reflective and that's what I wanted. The vest is so much easier to see than his black fur.

That's it for now. Now go make something fun for you or your dog.


jenny_o said...

Awww! So cute and thoughtful and useful. He really does disappear in the lower lighting, doesn't he? Well done keeping him safer.

I Can Work With That said...

Hi Jenny_o. Thanks for your comment. He does disappear in the dark, and he has no common sense so we try to keep a close eye on him.