Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mary Lea's Suitcase

Hello Readers. I hope you are happy and well today. I am going to share another project by my daughter. She is very crafty and always up to something. Today it is a suitcase that belonged to Mary Lea. We don't know who Mary Lea is but we found her suitcase at an antique fair recently. My daughter has been wanting an old suitcase for a while and it was plain and ordinary when we found it. The only decoration was the "Mary Lea" on the front. Sorry, we didn't get a picture.

My wanderlust daughter printed these pretend vintage travel stickers from the internet. She did a google search and found plenty of printable images. She cut them out and got to work.

She used a mixture of half water and half school glue. She applied it to the suitcase and then applied the paper image. She then applied the glue mixture heavily on the stickers and let them dry.

She found these legs at Home Depot. They came in two sizes. They have a screw attachment already at the top. It will be easy to attach them to the bottom of the suitcase.

She gave them a quick coat of paint. We had this black chalkboard paint on hand so she used it. It gives a flat look that would go nicely with the old suitcase. And if you have it on hand, I say use it.

She used a power drill to make small holes in the four corners. The screws fit through the holes and a small metal nut holds the leg in place.

Here it is in front of her ladder book shelf. We made that a few years ago. It's still a favorite project.

So thanks to Mary Lea for the suitcase and thanks to you for reading this blog post. Now go make something fun for yourself.


jenny_o said...

I think it's great that your daughter and you are both interested in re-fashioning. It's a good skill to have. I like both ideas - the suitcase on legs and the bookshelf it fits perfectly under :)

I Can Work With That said...

She is super crafty. I love it. Future Martha Stewart.