Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Shorter and Shorter Pink Floral Dress

Hello Readers. How are you today? My project today is a pretty pink floral dress I found at a clothes swap a while ago. I am not a huge fan of pink but I do like to try and make things work and work with what I have. It was in great shape and it fit pretty well. What could I do to make this pink dress more to my liking?

My first thought was to make it shorter. It was too long for me. I removed about 6 inches and made a new hem. I liked the dress better this way, it was super cute. But could I do more? Sure I could.

I made it even shorter and made another new hem. I now had a cute new top. I like the top because I think I will get more wear out of it. I don't have too many tops and the ones I do have tend to get dirty. I have a baby that can get baby food all over me at almost every meal. I wind up changing clothes often.

This top was perfect when I went out to a casual dinner with friends.

Here is a picture of the cuts I made in the dress. Which did you like more, the long dress, the short dress, or the top? Comment and let me know, I am curious what you think.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


jenny_o said...

I do like the short dress version, but I would have done the same thing you did - I wear far more tops than dresses - and it makes a very pretty top. Love the colours.

I Can Work With That said...

I love dresses but if I am just casual it is probably just pants and a top. It's just simple and basic.