Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dresses With Fake Layering

Hello Readers. It is hot, hot, super hot outside. At least where I live it is. I think dresses can be more comfortable in the heat of summer. I had a couple dresses I wanted to wear but they were a bit too low cut in the front. I didn't want to wear a shirt under them because it just looked too bulky. And the arm holes didn't seem to line up correctly, the tank underneath would come out and look really sloppy. I decided what I needed was a "fake" layer under each dress.

I had a green tank that coordinated great with this black and white dress. I love the color green so I got to work. I want to cover the center and I have tried this before and had trouble getting the fit right. I had a different plan this time.

I cut the front of the tank top off and attached it to the dress at the shoulders.

I also attached it at the sides. In the middle and at the bottom, you can see the pins. I stitched the tank down just where you see the pins. I didn't sew the entire edge to the dress. I thought this would allow the layers to give and move more freely. I also tacked it down in the center front of the waistband. I used my machine, but it would be easy to do by hand.

Here is the finished dress. I like the added green and the armhole is still smooth and lays flat. The fabric isn't bulging out or making the bodice bulky or lumpy. Does anyone want to be lumpy? I don't think so.

This purple dress needed the same fake front layer. It fit but the V neck showed way to much cleavage for me. I don't like to show too much. 

This dress got the front of a long sleeve white T shirt. I attached it to the front of the dress with just a few stitches. It was basically just like the green top from above.

It is also attached on the sides just like the previous dress. (I took the armholes in on this dress too. a bit too.)

It didn't change the look of the dress a lot. It just made me more comfortable when I wore this dress out in public. 
I wore it to look at some newly constructed apartments for my mother. They had hard hats available for my safety. At least the hat matched the dress.

Next time I will show you a dress that was similar but got more complicated as I worked with it.
Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


jenny_o said...

Cute dresses. I'm not comfortable with low fronts either. This is a good solution.

I Can Work With That said...

Hi Jenny_o. Sorry it took so long to publish and reply. I had some tech difficulties. Thanks for your comments.