Monday, May 23, 2016

The Too Short Shorts

Hello Readers. I am still waiting for warm Spring weather. We have been having rain for three weeks straight. We don't usually have this much rain and cool weather in May. If it ever warms up I will want some shorts. I found these great shorts at a clothes swap. They were in great shape and fit well but seemed a bit short. I decided to lengthen them a little. I have seen similar ideas for adding trim to shorts elsewhere and decided to try it for my self.

I ordered this lace trim from Amazon. The selection is great and the price was really good, but I had to buy 5 yards. I will be using this trim in many projects in the future. Whatever the project, I will have some navy blue lace to add to it.

I attached it to the inside of each leg. Super easy.

Here is the finished look.

It added a little more length and I liked to see the change in how they looked. Wider lace would add more length to the legs.

Thanks for reading, now go make something for yourself.


  1. You didn't take a before and after of you wearing them! How are your readers supposed to see the difference? Lol

    1. haha You just have to take my word for it. Some pictures shouldn't be posted.

  2. Good idea - could be used for any length shorts - or a skirt ... hmm, thinking ...

  3. haha Thanks Jenny_o. You're right it could be used for so many things. Thanks goodness, since I bought 5 yards of it.

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