Monday, May 2, 2016

Button Down Four; The Gray One

Hello Readers. My project today is my fourth button-down so far. I am working my way through a pile of shirts and lots of ideas in my head.

The shirt started out like this. This gray shirt was pretty but too big. That gave me lots of fabric to play with.

I cut off the sleeves and collar. I took some extra off the sides too. I did the smallest seam possible on the arm holes. I followed the curve of the seam that was already there.

The top of the shirt was folded down twice and sewed it in place with my machine. 

Then I threaded wide black satin ribbon through the front and back. I left the ribbon long and tied a big bow on one side. (Full disclosure- I saw this on Pinterest.)

I used this Fray Check on the ends of the ribbon to keep it from getting frayed.

Here is my new shirt with the big bow. The wide ribbon makes a wide strap on my shoulders which I like.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


I found this belt on clearance recently. I like belts like this because no matter what size I am that day, the belt still fits. If I eat a big lunch or a huge batch of cookies, the belt still fits. The problem was I bought this belt without trying it on, it's too big, and it dangled down in a weird way. I cut off the excess.

I decided to use some of this Fray Check again. (They aren't paying me for this. I just like the product.) I used it on the end of the belt.

I let it dry overnight. The Fray Check will keep the ends together

I folded the end over once and used a zigzag stitch to hold the end down. The belt was too thick to fold over twice. My machine couldn't sew through it. I could have done this without the Fray Check but it made it much neater.

When I was done it was the right size and looked clean and nicely sewn. 

That's all for now.


jenny_o said...

SO cute - you are doing a great job with all those shirts. So many ideas; they are all different!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks Jenny-o!