Monday, November 30, 2015

Old Pillow Snowman

Hello Readers. Here is a quick decorating project you can make from an old pillow and other items you most likely have sitting around the house. I saw this recently on Facebook. It was faster and easier than I thought it would be and it cost me nothing. This fluffy guy is sitting on my front porch waiting for Santa.

I started with this king size pillow. It isn't as comfortable as it used to be.

I tucked the four corners in so it looked more round, like snowmen should.

I found some mittens, a hat, and I cut an old T shirt to make a matching scarf. I pinned the hat on the top from the back so it won't get lost in the wind. The scarf will be tied tight around the "neck" to divide the snow man into two parts.

I glued the buttons on for eyes and chest buttons. You could sew them on if that is easier for you.

Here he is, guarding the front door. The blanket under him is helping him stay upright on the chair. The chair is a bit slippery.

This was 10 minute project that brightened up my entryway a lot. Thanks for reading, now go make something fabulous. And free.

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