Friday, August 21, 2020

The Giant Headphones

 Hello Readers. 2020 has been the year of being online. (At least for me.) I teach online classes and like the rest of the world I have done a lot of Zoom calls with family. I have been wearing headphones for all of this.

This shirt really appealed to me. I like colorful graphic t-shirts. These big headphones spoke to me on a deep level. I have headphones on a lot. I teach classes for VIPKID and I wear headphones in the classes so I can hear the student clearly. In one lesson I teach the word "headphones".
 The shirt needed to be smaller and it had to stay conservative so I could wear it to teach class. I took the sides in and rolled the sleeves up a bit. I also cut off some length. It was just a little too long.

 This shirt turned out just right. It was great for class. My student got a real kick out of seeing headphones in the lesson and on my shirt at the same time.

 This is what I look like when I am teaching online. This is my "classroom" set-up with colorful items to use in class.  (Shameless plug: Here is my link to learn more about teaching online with VIPKID. I do not make money if you go check it out. I would get a small commission if you actually became a teacher with them.) I really like it and it has not been shut down due to the Corona virus which has been really great. Fee free to ask questions in the comments


 Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

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