Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Paper-Bag Skirt

Hello Readers. How in the world are you? Sometimes I am fine and sometimes I am pretty sure I am on the Titanic and I just saw some water in the ship.
I sew because I like it and it keeps me from overthinking.
This outfit came together because I have been wanting something with a paper-bag waist for ages now. Have I bought anything with a paper-bag waist? No. I don't normally buy clothes. I waited until I could figure out how to make something. Here it is!

This top was lightweight and I loved the design. It was perfect for the fire hot days of summer. It was just too low on me. There was a tie at the neckline that made a little keyhole opening. It was not in a good place on me.
The skirt was a little roomy but not huge. The waist was loose enough to make the paper-bag waist I wanted.

Tank top style shirts are so easy to alter at the shoulder. I usually just remove a little from each shoulder and I get a much better fit.
it is an easy way to raise the neckline. I used a tight zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. This only takes about 5 minutes.

The skirt was next. I cut off the bottom of the skirt, just above the hem. This was going to be my belt. A zigzag stitch or so Stitch Fix will keep it from fraying.

I gave the skirt a new hem. I didn't want the skirt TOO short so I  used a zigzag stitch on the edge. I  turned it under once and used a straight stitch all around the skirt.

Now, what about that belt? I stitched it down in the back so it would stay at the height I wanted it. I made sure I stitched next to and not on top of the zipper. 

The belt cinches in the waist and makes that gathered paper-bag look I wanted.

 I liked how this outfit turned out. The skirt is a new favorite. The belt is just a tie, I can make it whatever size I need. (Corona snacking is still a thing right?)

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


KD said...

Clever! I am thinking of using your idea to make one for myself. I am hoping that the tie belt (if long enough) could be loosened to also allow the skirt to sit a bit lower, on the high hips, if I want to do that. Two looks in one skirt - that would be nice!

I Can Work With That said...

Hi KD,
That is a great idea. Thanks for sharing that.
Two skirts in one would be twice as good.
Happy sewing to you!

Unknown said...

Corona snacking. Priceless

I Can Work With That said...

Is everyone snacking more than they used to, or is it just me?