Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Lining a Lace T

Hello Readers. How are you? I hope you are well and getting through this strange time. I am trying to stay busy and be patient. Part of staying busy for me is sewing. I think it keeps me calm. I am still trying to get my antique sewing machine working so today's post is all hand work.

This freebie promotional t-shirt was given to me by my daughter. I loved the color. I am not sure where I got the shorts...a clothes swap somewhere, I'm sure. The shorts were nice but too long on me. They ended right at the bend of my knee and were not comfortable when I wore them. They also had some paint on them.
One thing that annoys me is see-through clothes. Why do manufacturers make so many sheer and see-through tops like this lace shirt? I want my clothes to at least cover the parts I am legally required to cover! (Maybe cover even more than the law requires.) Otherwise why bother with clothes at all.

There was no lining behind the lace on the front of this t-shirt. The entire front was see through lace. That means I needed to wear 2 shirts. For some reason that just irritates me.

I decided to use this freebie promotional t-shirt my daughter gave me to solve this fashion problem. I loved the blue color. I didn't love the logo on the front. I cut it open in the front and used the back of the t-shirt as a lining for the front of the lace shirt. I put them on my dress form inside-out and pinned them together along the seams. The blue t-shirt will not fray so it made an easy to attach lining.
I used a needle and thread and stitched them together by hand like a village woman from ancient times. I also churned some butter and ground some wheat into flour. (Just kidding!) But I really can't wait until I have a sewing machine to use again.
The denim shorts had some paint splatter on them and they were way too long on me. I cut them to a shorter length and rolled them up once. (Easiest no-sew refashion ever!)

I like the lace t-shirt a lot now that it isn't see through. It seems a little dressier than a plain shirt but is just as comfortable and easy to wear. The lace really pops with the blue fabric behind it. I didn't line the back of the lace t-shirt, it was a solid off-white fabric that did not need to be lined.

 I hope it warms up enough to wear shorts soon. It is a little too cold right where I live.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
Stay well and safe.


eva @StyleMyThrift said...

I love the idea of peek-a-boo color through the lace!
Great Idea!
now you got me noodling how to incorporate this look into my next refashion!
xo Eva

I Can Work With That said...

That's great Eva! I love sharing ideas.
Happy sewing to you,