Friday, February 28, 2020

Robin's Egg Blue

Hello Readers. Have you ever wanted a long white sweater dress with giant puffed sleeves? No? Me neither. But that's what I got. This knit dress was a vintage piece that was in perfect condition. There just wasn't much I liked about it.

The sleeves were huge. The shoulder pads were unnecessary. The white color was kind of blah. This dress was too long and didn't look good on me at all.

First, I decided to change the color. I used this dye that someone was kind enough to give me. 
(Thanks K.)

I got a beatiful color close to the color of these robin's eggs.

I cut the sleeves and shoulder pads off and separated the top from the skirt. I made a simple elastic waistband and hemmed the top. I was able to make a shorter skirt that fit me better.

I liked the 2 piece outfit a lot better. I can break up the outfit and wear the top with pants too. I love this color. It is so perfect for spring.


KD said...

You are right. This beautiful outfit is perfect for spring. What an amazing transformation! Inspirational!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks a lot KD! Rit dye always helps me out!