Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Comicbook T-shirt 3

Hello Readers. This is my last comic book t-shirt. At least for now. Who knows what the future holds. Today it is time for Captain Marvel.

Does this photo look altered? OK, confession. I forgot to get a photo of this shirt before I started cutting it apart. It is basically the same shirt (Same size, same color, same maker.) as my last post it just has a different image on the front. I added the Captain Marvel image so you would have a better idea of what it looked like.

Look at Captain Marvel. She looks great, she has a cool costume, she can fly... what's not to love.

I cut a simple sleeveless style shirt from this basic men's t-shirt. It was very long so I cut some of the length off too.

I used some little pieces from the hem to tie the shoulder fabric together. It made the shoulders gathered and more narrow. It made the shape more interesting and feminine. I cut the ends of the ties off when I was done.

 It is a great shirt for the hot summer weather we still have in my part of the world. Where is that cool Autumn weather people are talking about?

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
 ***Year End update-I love this tank. It was so simple but I love black and my husband said Captain Marel reminded him of me. You can't beat that for a compliment.

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