Friday, October 4, 2019

Adding Sleeves

Hello Readers. It all started when my daughter cut the sleeves off one of her shirts. I had some pretty sleeves laying around and didn't know what to do with them. What do you do with extra sleeves? That is a good question!

My daughter cut these sleeves off a shirt to make a tank top. I saved them because... I save everything. She also gave me this purple t-shirt. I noticed that the sleeves seemed to match and that was that. The sleeves had a new home.

I cut the short sleeves off the purple shirt. I didn't cut the armhole seam off the t-shirt just the sleeves. I used them as a guide to cut the striped sleeves into the right shape.

I gently stretched the purple armholes as I stitched the striped sleeves into place. This made the sleeves fit perfectly and gather gently when I was done sewing.

The purple shirt was a little low cut for me so I used the scraps from the sleeves to make a little more coverage for the V-neck. I stitched it in place by hand.

It is a great shirt for the cooler days of early fall. If the cooler days of early fall ever arrive in my part of the world. It has been hot and humid and I am sitting by my air conditioner with a cold drink. C'mon cool weather where are you?

It was also a great shirt to go see a movie with my mom and my daughter. This theater had reclining seats with foot rests, snack trays, and strong A.C., it was great!

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
***Year End update-  This is still a winner with me. I love the purple. I love the sleeves. I love it all.

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