Friday, October 25, 2019

Rock, Paper, Scissors Costumes

Hello Readers. It is getting close to Halloween and I am going to a charity dinner. Costumes are "encouraged". I am going to this dinner with my mom and my daughter. We wanted to wear a group costume and decided to be rock, paper, scissors.

My mom is going to be the rock. She has to be able to walk through a buffet line, sit and eat dinner, and relax through the trivia contest. I decided to use a big gray t-shirt.
 I used some acrylic paint to add some different shades of gray. The paint also gave the fabric more body and stiffness.

I am going to be the paper part of the costume. I already had a shirt that looked like paper. I made it as a back-to-school project. I used a white t-shirt and a couple fabric pens to make the lines of the paper. Then I made the dots with gray paint. This will be very comfortable for the night. You can see more details about it here.

My daughter is going to be the scissors. She is helping to run the event so she needs to be able to move around. She will also go through the buffet and sit and eat. I tried to keep that in mind when I made this scissors costume. My husband helped sketch out a big pair of scissors.
I cut out the cardboard scissors and painted them with some acrylic craft paint. I added a long ribbon so she could wear it like a giant necklace. I did that so she could take it on and off when she was doing the set-up and the clean-up.

Here is a picture of us from the event last night. We won "Most Original Costume". We had a lot of fun and money was raised for charity.

Thanks for reading along now go make something fun for yourself.
***Year End Update- We had fun wearing these and I saved the costumes.

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