Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Ribbon Candy Shirt

Hello Readers. Button down shirts are always great to refashion. There are so many possibilities. 

 Do you remember ribbon candy? That is what this shirt made me think of. Beautiful ribbon candy that was too pretty to eat but of course I ate it. It was candy. 

My mom handed this shirt down to me. (Thanks Mom!) It looked so fresh and perfect for spring. It was super cute and in great shape. It did not fit very well though.

I started by taking in the sides a bit and removing the sleeves completely. 

I cut the sleeves into pieces so I could make a little belt. I wanted to cinch in the waist a little.

I liked it but the shirt seemed a little long for this skirt. I gave it a cut and a new hem and it was ready to go.

What should I wear with it? I thought this skirt was perfect. My daughter handed it down to me. It was too short on her. (She is taller than I am.) I took it and decided to play with it. It was a little big but it had a side zipper. I couldn't take the side seams in without taking the whole zipper out. Could I just take some excess fabric out from the back? Would the skirt still be shaped properly if I did some kind of new back seam?

I did it. It sounds crazy and a little lazy but I wanted to see if it was possible. It worked so well! I stitched straight down the back of the skirt. I pressed the new seam and it was ready to go. Lots of skirts have a back seam so I don't think anyone will ever know I altered it. Unless they read this.......

My bright candy colored outfit was ready for spring and it was 34 degrees outside. C'mon Spring!

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
  *Year end update-I still like this combo and it is great for a little dressy summer look.

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