Friday, January 18, 2019

The Gray Tunic That Couldn't Handle Me

Hello Readers. This post started with a need to mend clothing that I ripped. It was two rips actually. We all tear our clothes once in a while right? This one was a doozy.

I have had this cotton tunic for a couple years now. It is nice and soft and it is great for lounging and being comfortable. It was neutral, it went with everything... It was perfect.
 But it didn't have any stretch. That will be important to the story later.

Here's the ripped part. I bent down and my back end ripped through the back. Did each of my butt cheeks rip through the fabric? Yes. Yes they did. I couldn't believe it. One rip would be bad enough but two? I felt betrayed. By the tunic and by my bum.
 This was around the holidays and it made me feel like maybe I had eaten too many cookies. Maybe I only had myself to blame. Thanks goodness this happened in the privacy of my own home.

 Warning: Not strong enough to handle my bum!

 I did what anyone would do, I got mad and later I cut off the ripped part of the tunic. There seemed to be enough left to make a shirt. So, that's what I did next.

Instead of folding the edge under to finish the hem of the shirt I decided to add some of this gray cotton lace that I had in the sewing stash. 

*Actual sewing of gray lace to gray shirt.

The lace seemed to go with the shirt so well that I added it to the sleeves and the neck too. You can't have too much lace right?

To go with this "new" shirt I made some "new" pants. This pants had a great striped pattern but they were really baggy and looked like part of a 1040's gangster costume. 

 I thought a skinny cigarette pant would be nice for those stripes so I used some skinny jeans for size. I traced around the pants that fit and used the marks to guide my sewing.

I finished this outfit just in time for the first snow of 2019. I think this one will have to wait for better weather. I can't shovel out in this.
 You might think this picture looks a little off. I edited this picture so I looked taller, younger, brighter, smarter, stronger... everything.
( My bum had just ripped through my clothes so I had enough of reality.)

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


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Welcome, I'm glad you found the blog.