Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Sleeve Shirt

Hello Readers. I can be kind of rough on my clothes and things can get damaged. (I could blame the kids and the dog but I am pretty clumsy all by myself.)  When there is a problem, there is usually a way to repair and mend things. Today's post is such a case.

I had this beautiful ultra-marine blue color dress. I really love this color. It was a little big but it was in fine condition. I also had this patterned blouse. It was the one with the problem.

 This blouse was super cute but it had a hole in it.

It had a hole in the front. Can you find it in the picture? It was right in the chest area. I could have tossed it in the trash but that would be a waste. I liked the pattern too much to just throw it out. And it had that pretty blue color in it.

I cut the puffy sleeves off the blouse and that cute little bow at the neck too. It is almost impossible to even see the bow, it blends in with the fabric so well. I was going to put those sleeves and the bow on to the blue dress and make a shirt.

This blue dress was not the shape or style I wanted for those sleeves, but it was a great starting place to make something new. I started by cutting the short sleeves off the blue dress. I also took some extra fabric out from the back too. There was already a seam down the back of the shirt so I used it as a guide to make the dress smaller.
 I wanted a more narrow fitted style shirt. I thought a fitted shirt would highlight the puffy sleeves nicely.

 This left me a sleeveless style tank top. I decided to make the shoulder straps shorter too. I wanted a higher neckline.

 I used a t-shirt that fit really well as a size guide and marked the blue shirt so I could make new side seams. I could not find my chalk so I used a sliver of white soap.
 It works great to mark fabric and it washes out because... y'know, soap.

 I stitched the sleeves from the blouse onto my "new" blue shirt and I had a great new long sleeve top. I added the little bow too, and you can actually see it so much better now against the blue material. I didn't need to shorten the shirt at all. When I make things tighter, they always get shorter too. I can't explain exactly how this happens but it always seems to work out like that. 

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


My Card Attic: Hazel said...

I LOVE your new top! I wouldn't have even dreamed of combining two very different items, but they look amazing now (even better than before IMHO). Thank you, for such inspiration! Hazel x

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks or the comment. I love to hear from readers.