Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Super Hero Week; The Flash

Hello Readers. I was in the mood to focus on some fun casual clothes. I decided nothing could be more fun than superheroes. My kids are really into the Marvel movies so I have learned what little I know from them. So let's make a fun shirt that I can wear with jeans. After wearing dresses all last month for Dressember, I am really looking forward to pants!

This Flash t-shirt was a men's large. It was too baggy on me and a little long. The striped shirt was great but it was a ladies extra-small, so it was too tight.
 Could I put them together and make a sweatshirt of some kind?

 My first step was to make this t-shirt smaller and shorter. That was easy to do.

The striped shirt was too small but the sleeves fit and could be used. I could use the waistband too.

I added the striped sleeves to the red sleeves. I stitched over the stitches that were at the end of the red sleeves. I also attached the black waistband so it would feel more like a sweatshirt.The striped sleeves were only 3/4 length but when I added them to the red sleeves I got full length sleeves. That was perfect for winter.

I was trying my best to look like a superhero in this picture. As much as a 40-something suburban mom can look like a superhero anyway. 

Thanks for reading along, now go make something super for yourself.

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