Thursday, January 3, 2019

Super Hero Week; Robin

Hello Readers. This is the second, and last, of my superhero posts. I only had 2 superhero shirts to refashion. I wanted fun and casual this week, so here it is.

I found this Robin nightshirt at a clothes swap. I thought it would be fun for the next Batman and Robin movie that came out. This nightshirt must have been made for a woman who was 7 feet tall and weighed 101 lbs. It was so long and so narrow, it seemed very odd to me. it was very low cut in the armholes and the neck too. I needed to fix that before I could do anything else. I wanted to add sleeves but I couldn't really work with these arm holes.

I had this black cropped sweater sitting and waiting for a purpose. I didn't like how fitted it was in the chest and I didn't like that big old knot right under my chest either. But it fit well in the sleeves. And that is what my new shirt needed so I could wear it without freezing in winter weather.

I put the resized Robin nightshirt on top of the black sweater and pinned the armholes with a lot of pins. I mean a lot of pins. I wanted to stitch the sleeves on with my machine and I didn't want anything to shift around while I was sewing.

Once I stitched the two layers together, then I cut the body of the sweater away. I just wanted the sleeves. I didn't want the body or that huge knot underneath my shirt. Ireally liked the sheer yellow mesh. It looked very superhero-ish. I didn't want the black sweater to distort the original color.

I didn't want a night shirt. I want a regular shirt. I cut the bottom off and gave it a new hem so it was more shirt length. I want to wear it during the day so it needed to be normal t-shirt length.

The hem has a slight curve to it that I really liked. It also had enough room to be comfortable, and sleeves to keep me warm.

Did I wear it right away? You know I did! It wasn't really appropriate for work but it was perfect for a day off.

This shirt would be perfect for a superhero themed party. If one comes up, I am ready. Thanks for reading along, now go make something super for yourself.

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