Friday, May 4, 2018

Time For Exercise Clothes

Hello Readers. Do you wear exercise clothes often when you are not even thinking of exercise? 
Yeah, me too. These exercise clothes need some work before I can wear them.

The Official Uniform of Mom

I sleep, lounge, run errands, garden, and hang around the house in mine.  So, I need a lot of them. And I need some for cold weather and some for warm weather and everything in between. My daughter gave me these yoga pants. They fit but they were much too long. I decided to make them into cropped leggings. They would be good for warmer weather. I tapered the legs and hemmed them to a shorter length. This was the easy part. This stretchy material was so easy to work with.

I had a couple of shirts that needed help too. The black shirt was a very lightweight sweatshirt that was really worn out. The white shirt was in great condition and fit well but it was one of those thin, sheer, tissue t-shirts. It was so sheer that I couldn't wear it. I couldn't exercise in a see through shirt! The whole point of wearing a shirt is too cover myself.

I cut the front of the black shirt off and pinned it to the front of the white shirt. I tried not to cut off any of the writing, it was close though.

I used a zigzag stitch and went over the edges of the black piece. I attached it at the seams of the white shirt. I wanted to cover the entire front panel of the shirt. It was a little short, as you can see.

I decided to use the waistband of the black shirt to finish the bottom of the shirt. I cut it off the black shirt and attached it to the bottom of the white shirt. It was big enough to go all the way all the way around the shirt.

I really liked how the black waistband made the back of the shirt coordinate with the sleeves of the shirt.

Here is my finished workout outfit. It won't win any fashion awards but it will cover me and get me through some exercise and anything else that happens. (Netflix!)

You can see how strong some new exercise clothes made me. This was the perfect outfit to plant some tomato plants I was given.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- I love exercise clothes. These were/are great.

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