Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A No-Sew T-shirt Refashion

Hello Readers. Today we are going to a quick t-shirt project that doesn't require any sewing at all. You just need a t-shirt and some scissors.

I started with a big green t-shirt that I got for Christmas. It was too big, so I had some extra fabric to play with. I started before I even took a good picture. (Sorry!) I cut the neckband, the finished edges of the arms and the bottom off the shirt. I saved them for later.
This shirt is green like the Boston Red Sox scoreboard, the Green Monster. The triangle is part of a city landmark Citgo sign.

 I cut small slits in the shirt around the neckline and sleeves, about 1/2 inch from the edge. Now it was time for the cut off edges of the shirt. They are now long thin pieces of matching material, like string.  I laced the "string" in and out of the holes. I pulled them a little tighter to gather up and pull in the neckline a little bit.

You can see the gathered neckline below. I did the same thing on the sleeves with the edges I had cut off in the beginning. Gathering the neckline and the sleeves helped make the shirt less baggy looking but it still had a nice loose fit through the body of the shirt.

I made one in white too. I made the holes were a little closer on the white shirt just to see how it would look. (Honestly, it looks a lot like the green shirt.)

 I had a little bit of leftover cut off hem material so I used it to tie a knot at one side of the shirt.

 I am ready for the next baseball game.

I like how this shirt turned out. It is a little sporty and a little feminine, but this idea would work on any t-shirt.
 Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- I am still a fan of the Red Sox and this shirt. It gets a lot of wear on warm days.

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