Monday, October 30, 2017

Yee Haw! I'm a Cowboy

Hello Readers. You may already know this but tomorrow is October 31st. In most of the US kids will be going door-to-door to ask for candy. They say Trick-or-Treat to the person who answers the door and they are given candy. It is a great day to be a kid.. You get a lot of free candy. A lot of free candy. The only thing the kids have to do is wear a costume. What a great deal!
Some adults like to dress up for fun too. If you need to put together a last minute costume, here is one idea, become a cowboy. 
I found this leather jacket at a clothes swap a while ago. I have been saving it because I thought I could use the leather to make something. I never got around to that so, I had a western style jacket with giant shoulder pads waiting to be worn. It was in great shape but the shoulder pads and all the fringe just weren't my everyday style.
I knew the leather wouldn't fray so I started to cut it up. I basically removed everything I didn't like. The arms, the shoulder pads, the front collar, and the lining too. Once I started cutting it, the lining was fraying so I just took it all out.
I kept trimming until it was fitting well and the edges were all flat and smooth. The accessories are all gathered from around the house. I had the boots, the belt and the bandana. The hat is from the kids dress-up clothes.
Whatever you are doing tonight, I hope you have fun.
And thanks for reading.

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