Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Tight Red Dress

Hello Readers. How are you today? It is October but it feels like August around the DC area. It is very hot and humid. A skirt or dress is nice on hot days like this. I had a great orange-red colored dress. The color is perfect for this time of year. It makes me think of the leaves changing colors, beautiful scenery, bonfires, and pumpkins.
This dress didn't fit me very well, The full skirt was too long but fit great around the waist. The top of the dress was too tight. I couldn't make it button and it was not working on me like this.

I started by cutting the top off the dress. I kept the waist intact and left a little extra above it so I could fold it in and under. I stitched it down so it had a nice, neat, narrow waistband. The buttons in the center open and close to put the skirt on. The skirt is simple and full and classic. I was going to shorten it a little so it fit me but ....

I had my tall (So nice and tall.) daughter try it on and it was such a great fit for her, I decided not to shorten it. We turned the skirt around though. The buttons look better in the back and the plain back of the skirt is now the front. It made the front cleaner and simpler. 

How did my short self get such a tall daughter? I don't know. We are about the same size and weight but she is about 8 inches taller. (She is smarter and sweeter too.) It worked out perfectly for this skirt.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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