Friday, October 6, 2017

Too Much Turquoise

Hello Readers. I am a big fan of freebies, hand-me-downs, bargains, and the like. I never saw a clothes swap I didn't want to take a look at. For some reason I tend to gravitate to certain colors at certain times. I seem to collect different items of one color all at once. That happened with these turquoise things si I decided to put them all together. 

I had a basic knit top with white and turquoise feathers or ferns on it. (What do you think, feathers or ferns?) It was slightly cropped, it ended at my waist. I didn't wear it because if I raised my arms I was afraid my stomach would show. I don't show my stomach to anyone. It has survived 3 children and has so many stretch marks that looks like ground beef. But paler.... Anyhoo.....

I also had this ruffled blue dress. It had a lot of ruffles going on. Three tiers of ruffles is a lot to me. I decided to remove one ruffle and use it as trim for the shirt. I decided the entire ruffle was too wide  so, I cut a long thin strip of fabric. It has a finished edge that will look nice and neat attached to the bottom of my shirt.

It looked like a party streamer. I pinned it in place and used my machine to attach it inside the hem of the shirt.

I also had a pair of bright turquoise jeans. (I wasn't kidding when I said I had too much turquoise.) The jeans were cute. I love the bright color, but they were too long. And maybe it's just me but the jeans seemed too baggy from the knee down. I didn't want them super tight but they were fitted in the hips and thighs and then super loose everywhere else. I always thought my legs were normal but these jeans made me question if I had strangely extra skinny calves and if so, what was I supposed to do about it.
 I shortened them and made the calves a little smaller and tighter. 

I was finished and ready to go out in public. My stomach was covered and the jeans fit so much better.

Thanks for reading this blog, I truly appreciate it. Now, go make something fun for yourself.

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