Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I'm Going to a Wedding

Hello Readers. I don't get really dressed up often but I was invited to a wedding recently. I needed to dress up and I wanted to wear this dress. It was so pretty, but it didn't fit. Do any of you have clothes that have become too small as you got older? (Life, age, children, cookies have all played a factor in this. At least for me.) I really wanted to make this dress fit.
You can see from this picture of my dress form what the problem is. The zipper just could not zip up to the top. I was just too big. The waist fit well and it was such pretty material, I thought I could save the skirt. 

Here is a view of the other side of the dress. You can see a waistband that is a separate piece of fabric. I decided to remove the bodice of the dress with my seam ripper and keep the waistband attached to the skirt. It was really pretty easy to do.

This dress also had a lovely collar/neck piece with some big fake jewel stones attached. I really liked it so I removed it from the bodice too. I really wanted to incorporate it in the new top.

To make a top to wear with the skirt and collar, I used this plain black T-shirt. I cut the sleeves off at an angle towards the neck. My plan was to make a top in the shape of a triangle, with the collar at the top. It was sort of a halter style top.
My T-shirt top is the same shape as the original dress but the new version has more coverage. I can wear a regular bra with it and it is also very comfortable. The knit T-shirt material has more give than the original top of the dress.
Regular men's T-shirt.                   Inside-out view.
Here is what it looked like as I worked on the fit and the collar attachment. I gathered the top a little in the front so the fit was not too tight across the chest. The skirt and top are two separate pieces and can be worn together or separately.
To keep the zipper intact I folded in and stitched it down on each side. I cut off some of the excess and it works great. I have done this a few times on different skirts and they always stay up. A hook and eye closure would add more security if it was needed but I have never needed it.
I wore it to a lovely wedding. I added a sweater because it was a little cold that morning. The wedding was lovely. The bride and groom have known each other since they were babies. It was adorable.
Thanks for reading this post now, go make something fun for yourself.


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