Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Dress For Autumn

Hello Readers. Sometimes I just sort through my stash of refashion clothes and hope for an idea to pop in my head. When I looked through these knit shirts I noticed that the colors were all coordinating and matching nicely. I thought they should be put together somehow. I love to make (And wear.) dresses. And I like to use things I have on hand. I try not to buy anything but thread, if I can. If only I could score some free thread!
 So, you can guess what happened next. (Hint: I made a dress.)
I had this pretty knit peasant style top in a nice burgundy color. It fit pretty well. I planned to use it as the top of my dress.

I also had this multi-colored knit top that was a just little big. A slightly larger fit was perfect because I thought that it would make a great skirt. The extra room would create a good fit around my backside. I wanted a comfortable loose skirt not a fitted style. I cut off the sleeves and planned on using that elastic waistband as the waistband of the skirt. That's right, I just flipped it upside down.

When I tried it on I found that the floral skirt was a little too loose to stay up securely as a skirt. If my toddler pulled on it, it would be on the floor. That didn't work for me. I used my machine to connect the burgundy top and the floral skirt to make a dress. I thought I would feel more secure this way. The skirt was a little short and it was curling up too. The curling made it even shorter.

I had a way to fix that. I grabbed this blue shirt. It was too small but I had saved it because it had this great lace trim on the sides. I figured I could use that blue lace someday and this was the day! I cut it off as close to the shirt as possible.

I was able to attach the lace right over the raw cut edge of the skirt. It added about and inch and a half in length and solved the curling problem. It also added some weight to the skirt and it was a great way to highlight the blue in the skirt.

Here is the finished dress. It is super comfortable and easy to wear. I liked the colors too. It is like a cloudy sky and Autumn leaves mixed together.
This was an easy refashion because all three of these shirts were knits and they didn't fray when I cut they. I love knits because they are so easy to work with and so comfortable to wear.

Thanks for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.

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