Friday, November 24, 2017

So Much Purple #2

Hello Readers. I have been working through my purple refashions and todays post is about a shirt. A really weird shirt. It is a shirt but barely a shirt. I mean it is so sheer, is it really a shirt? Let's be honest here. I am never going to wear this. Even if it was over another shirt.
I really thought it was pretty and the beading was nice. I just didn't want to wear it. Where would I go wearing a see through shirt with all these beads? WalMart? The library? The pediatrician? I have never been anywhere that this seemed like an appropriate clothing choice. So, this shirt needs a new purpose.
This is a lamp in my house. It has been around for 22 years. Someone nice gave it to me as a wedding gift. (Thanks Laura!) I am not sure if that is the original lamp shade but it is a little old and a little yellowed with age. I have wanted to get a new lamp shade or spruce it up for quite a while.

So how did I figure out that this shirt fit over the lamp shade perfectly? Do I try all my clothes on lamps? Do I randomly put clothes on other objects? No, this is the only time I have done this.
But it did fit so, I just ran with it.

Here is a look from above the lamp. You can see the arm holes are hanging down in the lamp. This would be a serious fire hazard. I don't want to burn my house down so....

I cut off the excess and left about an inch to fold over the top inside the lamp shade.

I used a hot glue gun along the inside top edge. You can see the excess here after gluing. I love hot glue, it dries in just a few seconds. When I was done with the glue I trimmed off all the excess fabric so it would be nice and neat. (And safe!)

Here is my finished lamp. The beads added a little fun and sparkle to it. Who knew a lamp could wear a shirt.
Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.



mycardattic said...

Innovative! :O Hazel x

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks, this lamp is still in use.