Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Black Belted Shirt

Hello Readers. I hope you are well and happy wherever you are. I have a quick and easy no-sew project to show you today. My hubby was going to get rid of this shirt so I decided to see what I could do with it. I love working with knit shirts like this. The edges do not fray and it is fun to play with the material.

This is a men's size medium-large cotton golf shirt. It was super soft and I knew I needed to give it new life. I started cutting. I removed the collar and placket with the buttons. I removed the sleeve cuffs and the bottom edge too. I cut the hem off with a small curve on the sides just for fun. I saved that hem for later.

You can see this shirt has a logo right on the front. (If there was no logo, I would have stopped cutting here.) I cut this V-neck shape to show you what I wanted to do with this shirt. I had to get a little creative to work around that logo. 

I cut a larger neck hole to remove the logo. I cut off as little of the shirt as I could but it got pretty low cut. I could wear a shirt under it, or....

I could turn the shirt around. The low cut back made the shirt more interesting and fun. The shirt made a great tunic shape. I took the edging from the bottom of the shirt and used it as a belt. I made it one long piece about an inch wide. I trimmed off the excess so it was nice and even. A real belt would work too.


Why is that purse in there? Well, it was a hand-me-down that I liked a lot. It originally had 3 rows of ruffle trim on the front. The ruffles added a lot of bulk to the bag and made it seem larger than it really was.

I decided the outer ruffle had to go. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it off. I got as close to the bag without cutting the bag itself. The ruffles had a raw edge already so I knew I could cut it without any problems.

Here is the seam that held the ruffle onto the bag. It will be hidden under the ruffle above it.

It was a small change but it made the bag look a bit smaller without changing the style or overall design. I don't feel overwhelmed by the ruffles.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


whatthesew said...

The bag looks much better with one less ruffle.

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks whatthesew, I thought so too. That third one was just too much.