Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Colors

Hello Readers. I am trying to focus on the colors of Fall in my sewing adventures lately. I seemed to have collected quite a few items the fit that category. Like these two fabulous finds for example. 

This corduroy skirt is perfect for Fall, but the fit isn't so perfect. I also thought I would make it more of an A-line shape. (Like the skirts I saw at Target but didn't want to spend money on.)

I loved the color of this blouse and the stitching details on the shoulders and down the front. It is a bit too big, so I am going to fix that too.

Here is a picture of actual sewing! 

I changed the shape of the skirt and shortened it a little. I wanted a skirt with an A-line shape and I just narrowed the sides at the waist and kept the width as it was towards the bottom. I hemmed the bottom after cutting off about an inch.

I started working on the blouse. I took it in a little and tried it on. I stitched the two sides together at the neckline and tried it on. The body fit well but...

 The long sleeves were stiff and uncomfortable. This shirt isn't very soft and it doesn't have any drape. I wouldn't wear it very often if it wasn't more comfortable.I got back to work and cut the sleeves off. If they aren't going to be comfortable they have to go.

In the end I had this outfit. It was perfect for a nice Fall day.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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