Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sometimes You Just Need Alterations

Hello Readers. Sometimes I like to do change garments dramatically and sometimes I like them as is. I was given this fabulous sweater/blazer last winter. I never got around to altering it. The black velvet pants I found at a clothes swap. Every woman needs a pair of velvet pants right? They just needed to be shortened.

This blazer is made of a heavy knit material almost like a sweater. It is more comfortable than a blazer because it is soft and flexible like a sweater. It was too large on me. It made me look big and round through the body and super scrawny in the legs. 

Kind of like a chicken.

I used the side seams and the arm seams as a guide to make the jacket smaller. It was easy but the material frayed a little when cut. I did a simple zigzag stitch on all the raw edges to stop it from fraying. It was almost like sewing it twice but it looks nice and neat inside.

Here is what I took off the inside of the jacket. I took a little extra off the waist to make it give it a more flattering fit. It is still loose enough to wear over another top. It's cold out there, I need layers.

Here is my finished jacket with a new fit and my velvet pants just needed a quick hem. It is hard to photograph velvet. It just absorbs all the light and the photos don't show up well. You know what a new hem on a pair of pants entails, so no pics of that.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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