Monday, March 7, 2016

What To Do With a Winter Sweater; Skirt and Leg Warmers

Hello Readers. I hope you are all well. In my part of the world the weather is cool and then cold and then warm and then cold and snowy. Today is cold and now it is snowing a little. I decided to work on a cold weather refashion.

It started with this sweater. My daughter has had this sweater for ages. She wanted to make leg warmers from the sleeves. I also saw a skirt made from a sweater on Pinterest a while ago and decided to try it with this sweater as well.

Here was beginning step. I cut the arms off at the shoulder seam. This could have been a mistake. I should have cut straight up the side so that there was more room through the waist. This sweater was large enough that it worked out but looking back, this could have been the end of the skirt.

This sweater was too thick to fold over the top and insert elastic or some kind of drawstring. It would have been very bulky. I decided to just attach it to some elastic and hope the elastic would help smooth the skirt around the waist. (It worked well.) You can see how the knit was loose and unraveling immediately. I did a wide zigzag over the edge and attached it to some wide elastic as fast as I could. It is not the prettiest waistband I have ever seen. It will have to be covered by a shirt whenever it is worn, but that's OK.

The socks were cut to the length of my daughter's lower leg and I zigzag stitched the edge to stop any unraveling. The part that you see in the picture is the wrist of the sweater. They are nice and warm according to her. The skirt is soft and cozy. It is nice with tights and boots to stay warm in this snowy weather.

Thanks you for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


jenny_o said...

A two-fer! Can't beat that for a refashion :)

I Can Work With That said...

hahaha Yes, it's a bonus day.