Thursday, March 17, 2016

My Second New Tuxedo; Making Jeans Bigger... Again

Hello Readers. Today's post is almost a re-run of a recent post. I had a second pair of skinny jeans from a recent clothes swap that needed to be enlarged just a bit. 

I cut down the side seam.

All the way down to the ankle. I planned to use the sash from a polyester dress. It was black and stretchy, but strong too. 

I inserted the black stripe and dyed it all to make the jeans look fresh and dark again.

Here is a view of the side stripe. I like how the black blends in and it is subtle.

Thanks for reading! Now go make something fun for yourself.


jenny_o said...

Dyeing these made such a huge difference - they look like brand new (and trendy).

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks. I think the dye was a good choice too. I hate how fast black fades, but I still wear it all the time.