Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Gold Party Dress

Hello Readers. We are slowly digging and melting away at all this snow. Today's project is a pretty dress that I found at a clothes swap months ago. It is made of beautiful silk like material. I thought it was silk when I brought it home. It is some kind of acrylic and it it machine washable and can go in the dryer! I think that is great. This is what I would want to wear to a dressy party. And the price was right. Shopping is fun, but saving money is more fun.

It has some issues. The front gapes open and the mid section is a bit big. I can't take it in on both sides because it has a side zipper. Ugh! Well, I will find another way to make this dress work for me. That tie waist will help to cinch in the waist, but it needs a few more adjustments.

Here is the front. It looks like a wrap dress but it is just pretending. If it was a real wrap dress it would fit perfectly! It needs a pin and I don't want to pin it. I want it to fit. I added a few stitches in the center to keep the front closed.

I can lean forward without revealing anything I don't want to reveal.

Here is the back and side seam. I took the dress in by following along the seam that ran down the back and the side with out a zipper. I didn't take it in a great deal. I thought a little here and a little there would do the trick. I left the excess fabric in place to see if it showed when I wore it.

It didn't so I left it alone. I did a few spins in the snow to celebrate and then went back inside to hide from the cold.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.