Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nancy Drew Part 2; It's Time for a Skirt

Hello Readers. Today is the second part of my Nancy Drew tribute.  It started with the copy of Nancy's first adventure, "The Secret of the Old Clock". Along with the book, my neighbor Jackie also passed along some fabric. When I saw the clocks with a blue background, I was inspired to make a very simple skirt to match my clutch from yesterday.

I started by putting together the fabric into a rectangle and seeing if it was enough to make a skirt for myself. I basted it together with big loose stitches just to make it easier to handle and work with.

I ended up making a casing and using yarn to gather the fabric up and hold it together while I attached it to the elastic waist I had measured out. Once it was attached to the elastic I removed the yarn and stitched it up the back. It will slip on and off easily.

Here is the finished product. I don't usually sew an entire piece of clothing from start to finish. This was a fun change for me. I like how the clocks look from a distance. It looks sort of like an animal print or just a colorful design but up close you can see the different clocks. I know where I can wear this great outfit. A mystery book convention maybe? Or maybe just out to dinner.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


  1. So cute! If there is not already a mystery book convention, you need to start one :)

    1. haha Maybe I will start a convention. That would be a lot of fun.

    2. haha Maybe I will start a convention. That would be a lot of fun.