Thursday, February 4, 2016

Navy and Stripes Part 2

Hello Readers. I hope you are well and happily sewing something fun. I think my dear mom passed this shirt on to me. I love the stripes. And I can leave the buttons open and comfortable.  It is a very heavy T shirt. It is in great shape and will be perfect for winter. It just needs a quick re-sizing. 

Here is a photo of my sewing machine in action! The machine was passed on to me from my mom too. Thanks Mom!

Here is the extra fabric that I cut off. 

Here is the finished T shirt. It is warm and great for winter. And what is that peeking out from underneath?

It's the navy tank from yesterday. It fits under the striped T perfectly.

My neck is pale and wrinkled. Why? Ugh, middle age.

Well, thanks for reading. Now go make something fun for yourself.


jenny_o said...

It looks great! Small changes can be so satisfying.

You made me chuckle about the neck picture. In ten years you'll wish you had your current neck back. Trust me :)

I Can Work With That said...

haha Thanks jenny_o.