Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Red, White and Blue Part 1; Altering a Shirt

Hello Readers, I hope you are doing well. It is cold and snowy here, nice sewing weather. This sleeveless top was given to me by my dear mother. It has a very patriotic color scheme and I  liked the denim collar and the trim on the pocket. It is in great shape but it is a little big through the body and too long on me. I felt like I was wearing a night shirt and there was only a tiny bit of leg showing below the shirt. I am pretty short, but this needed adjusting.

I took off some length and made a simple straight bottom edge. I didn't want it too short, I was not trying to make a vest. Since this top was cotton and would fray, I  turned it under twice and stitched a new hem. I also made it a bit more narrow through the waist. I stitched a curved side seam on each side to make the shirt more flattering.

Red, white and blue.

It is way too cold to wear this sleeveless top by itself. It will be a nice top to layer with another shirt. I already have a shirt in mind, as you will see tomorrow in part 2.

Thanks for reading, now go make yourself something fun.

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