Friday, January 15, 2016

The Striped Potato Sweater Dress

Hello Readers. My daughter gave me this sweater dress. She didn't like the fit. I didn't like it either. It is very full through the body and has a tight band around the bottom. The stripes were all different sizes and angles, they didn't match up anywhere.

I didn't take a before picture so, trust me when I tell you that when I tried it on I looked round and puffy. It was pretty awful.

I looked like a potato. It was not a good look for anyone. I try to avoid looking like a potato as much as possible.

I cut it in half and made the band from the bottom into the waistband. I was never able to find a clear pattern to the stripes. I just tried to measure evenly and keep the waist and hem even in length. I tried to make the dress fit me the best I could. The stripes made/make it look uneven and I couldn't find a way to correct that.

It didn't fray along the new bottom edge but it looked rough so I turned it under once and hemmed the bottom with a zig-zag stitch. Then, I tried it on again. 

It is more flattering then it used to be but the stripes are a little weird to be honest. It is a comfortable tunic type sweater dress to wear with leggings. I like it much more than I did before. 

As always, thanks you for reading. Now, go make something fabulous for yourself.


kitblu said...

Love your look as a potato! You made good use of this strange sweater dress. Even though the stripes don't match up on the skirt, it looks good - almost as if it was intentional. Me, I thought there was a pocket there.

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks! It is a little strange. I wish it had pockets! Oh. well. Thanks for your comment.

jenny_o said...

My thinking is that the stripes are intentionally skewed. But maybe not exaggerated enough to get it across. Your refashion is excellent for this sweater. I like the detail on the skirt portion, and the whole thing just looks cozy and warm.

And may I just add that you have a wonderful sense of humour!

I Can Work With That said...

Aww, thanks. I think you are right about the stripes too. They need to be even or more clearly uneven. But glad you liked it.