Friday, January 8, 2016

The "Upholstered" Headboard

Hello Readers. Today's project is a quick headboard that I put together for my son's room. As you can see his bed has no headboard. Those bars are actually a ladder to the top bunk. Each end of the bed is the same. The problem is that the pillows seem to slide back and fall off the bed. It's annoying.

Here is my solution. I am going to cover this board with soft black fabric. A plain board would leave splinters, unless I sanded and painted it. The white square is a piece of foam. It would be best if it was slightly bigger than the board, but this is all I had. I am not too worried about it because he will have pillows on the bed anyway.To cushion the whole board, the foam should be 1/2 inch bigger on all sides. The fabric is from the stash in my closet. It was heavy and soft, like thick, sturdy felt.

To attach the fabric, put some pressure or weight on the board, with the foam under it. The fabric will wrap around to the back and I am going to use a staple gun to secure it. I started with a staple in the middle of one side and then stapled directly across from it. Pull the fabric as tight as you can.  I stapled the right and left sides in the photo and then the upper and lower sides. Rotate back and forth, pulling the fabric tight as you go.

When you staple all the sides you will have the corners left. You need to tuck the fabric under and staple it down tight. Pulling the fabric tight prevents wrinkles from showing on the front,

Here is the finished board, tucked between the mattress and the metal bed frame. My teen son liked it, but refused to appear in any photos. These two cuties are showing how it keeps the pillow in place. The foam and thick fabric help make it comfortable.

This is also the way you change the fabric on chair cushions. The cream colored seats were nice but had some stains from family dinners. I used new fabric on the seat and changed the look. If you flip your chair over you can usually see the screws that attach it to the frame of the chair. Remove it, attach new fabric and attach it to the frame again.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fabulous for yourself. Or your home.

*I just thought I would add a note to say I am sorry for the bad photos in this post. My camera didn't get very clear shots of any thing this time.


jenny_o said...

Smart solution! Your little guy is sweet, by the way :)

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks so much!