Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Super Cool Baby Stuff

Hello Readers. Today's post is all about baby. Well, It's about my baby and the things he likes to chew on. And that is everything. Toys, teething rings, the dog, me, name it, he is chewing it or would like too. (It's gross.) I found something better for him to bite on while we are in this teething phase. It's called Chewelry.

What is that? Here is a product description direct from the source.

"Custom nursing necklaces and carrier accessories made with food grade silicone and love. Silicone beads and pendants are soft on baby's emerging teeth!"

They are a unique teething toy. They are strong enough to handle some teeth but soft enough to be comforting. They are colorful and cute too. Misty can create a design that fits you and your little one.

You can also ask to match your carrier. Did you get a new Tula? (I'm jealous, I admit it.) Misty can match the design.

Do you want a rainbow?

Or a penguin?

These are the two I have. One is a clip and one is on a string. They can attach to the carrier or the car seat. There are necklaces for mom too.

Check out the Facebook page or the Etsy site. Use the code Chickie15 and get 15% off. Message her to get the discount at the Etsy shop.

Have a great day readers.


jenny_o said...

A great idea. Hope Misty gets lots of traffic and sales.

I Can Work With That said...