Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Distressing Denim

Hello Readers. I have been wanting a pair of distressed jeans for ages. I hesitated because I thought maybe I was just getting too old to pull off this look off. I didn't want to be overly trendy at the ripe old age of 43. After some thought I decided I had nothing to lose and if I wanted to try  them I should.  But did I buy a pair? No way!

I found these Levi's  at a clothes swap. They still had tags and size stickers on them. Big win for me. They didn't quite fit as you can see.

I wanted skinny jeans that could go in boots so I had to take these in a bit. I couldn't pin them by myself and no one was around to help me. So, I just pulled the fabric to the side and marked it. I used a big marker so it would be visible in theses pictures.

Here is a picture of the extra that got cut off. They were quite long on me.

I gathered some tools for the next step. I am going to rip them up a little. 

The grater was the most useful tool. During this process my hubby walked by and asked, "Why are you jacking up your pants? Didn't you just fix those?". I didn't even answer.

I compared the legs together to make sure the width matched.

I can't believe I waited so long to make these. I can't stop wearing them! They go with everything, tucked in boots or cuffed with flats.

Thanks for reading this post. Now, go make something fabulous for yourself. 

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