Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Tuxedo Skirt Refashion

     Hello all. Today's project is a skirt made from two skirts that were both too tight. They were given to me by a sweet lady (Thanks Danielle!) that didn't want them anymore. I love a pile of hand-me-downs.
     So here are the skirts. They are almost identical, except in color. That is what made this refashion possible. If they were different lengths, styles or fabrics, this wouldn't have worked.

     I decided to use the black skirt to add on to the blue skirt. I figured out how much I needed to add to the waist so I could wear it comfortably, plus enough for a wide seam allowance. I made the strips wider at the bottom to keep the shape of the skirt intact, and so it wasn't tight at the bottom.

     I cut straight down the side seams of the blue skirt and pinned the black fabric pieces in place lining and all. (Inside out, of course.)

I sewed the black pieces in with a very small, tight stitch length to make it hold together well, wear after wear. I don't have a serger so I actually sewed two seams close to each other. This will keep the fabrics from fraying.

It came together very well.

I wore it out to lunch at the Japanese steakhouse with the staff photographer.

I think the stripe down the sides looks like a tuxedo, hence the name. Thanks for reading!

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