Saturday, August 1, 2015

Refashion #1 Nursing Tops

      I have been into refashioning clothes for years. I did it to survive and stretch my clothing dollars. I am five feet tall and my legs are super short. I have trouble finding clothes to fit. I started buying things from the thrift store and taught myself to sew by altering them. I messed up a lot along the way. Since I hadn't spent that much, I didn't worry about it. It was part of the learning process.

     I am nursing my little guy and didn't find a lot of nursing tops I liked so, I made my own. I wanted modest, but easy access for feedings.

     I started with three button front, blouse type shirts that I couldn't button anymore. (Thanks baby weight.) And three coordinating tanks tops to go underneath. Here's the first one.

I cut vertical slits one the sides of the tank top. They wont fray because they are a knit, t-shirt material. Cutting on the side looks better and hides the opening when not in use.

Next I put the blouse on top and marked with pins where the front of the shirt naturally fell on the tank top.

I sewed the shirts together just at the lower section about two inches long. This keeps the shirt from blowing or moving around and exposing the openings. The top can be pulled to the side when baby wants to nurse.

I like them a lot and wore one to the "Big Latch-On" at our local medical center.

Instead of sewing, you could easily button the lowest few buttons on a shirt to cover cuts made to a tank underneath. As I said, I couldn't button these and wanted to use them somehow.
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