Monday, August 10, 2015

The No-Sew Orange T-shirt

Hello all. Today's refashion is just an attempt to cope with a problem. I bought this new shirt because I loved the orangey color. I love orange, it's a sunset, it's sherbet, it's perfect for summer. 

But what is this? A hole. I didn't see it at the store or it appeared after the first wash. Either way I was disappointed.

I started cutting. I was going to make a tank top with something as trim on the shoulders. T shirts are great for refashioning because they do not fray. You can just cut, cut, cut with no hemming.

I cut both shoulders straight down the front and back, including that awful hole.

I ended up cutting off the sleeves and cutting them into thin strips. This will be the trim.

I pulled the ends so the strips would stretch and be even longer.

I tied three on each shoulder. I could have let them hang loose like fringe but I tied them into bows.

Here is the back shoulder. It was quick and easy and nice for hot weather.

That's it for today.Thanks for reading.

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