Friday, August 21, 2015

The Black Tank Re-sized

Hello and happy Friday to you! Today's project is a black tank that I loved but didn't fit very well. As I write this all I can think about is that my arm looks weird and flappy like a chicken wing. This is not a good look and I wish it wasn't there. Six months of bed rest does bad things to your muscle tone. But lifting and holding a cute baby is a great arm workout, so I have it covered.

It is actually the top of a very full dress that looked like a tent on me. I liked the material and wanted to save it.

It was perfect in the shoulders and bust but the fullness at the bottom made me look like I was still pregnant. Looking pregnant when you aren't pregnant is no fun.

The pattern was subtle but great for covering baby drool and spit up. These are important factors in my wardrobe right now.

I started by turning it inside out and sewing straight down from the empire waist seam. I didn't want it tight around the middle, just more fitted.

I cut the extra fabric away when I was done sewing. Sorry no sewing machine pictures, but you get the idea. The seams will not fray because that's how t-shirts are. They are easy and fun to work with.

Here it is finished. You can see it is straight and not smaller through the body.

Here I am wearing it to go pick up some wholesale groceries. Not exciting unless you want five dozen Chobani yogurts. Do me a favor? Ignore the flappy arm. And as always, thanks for reading

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