Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Herb Garden Flower Pots

Hello all. Today's project is an herb garden out of mismatched pots. I didn't get a picture of my collection of pots but any pots will do. Mine were all pretty close in size, I wanted them all on my kitchen windowsill. I would love an herd garden outside, but I have a little guy to take care of. No garden this year.

Really, any pots will work.

Even giant pots, if that's what you're into.

Now, here is the unifying factor. I painted them all to make them match. I used chalkboard paint in a can and painted the pots with a brush. I just found this spray paint at the store and I can think of a ton of stuff to paint with it.

Back to the project! I painted any part of the pot that had a design or color on it. Most of my pots had some clay showing so I left those parts alone.

I wrote on each pot to note which herb was going in each pot. Now to the garden center for some soil and seeds or plants. Happy gardening to you. Thanks for reading.

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