Monday, August 17, 2015

The "Sisal" Floor Mat

Today's project is a sisal rug or floor mat. Sisal is a natural woven material that looks great. But I didn't have real woven sisal fibers sitting around my house.

I had this. This is a heavy fabric. It was soft but heavy and stiff. It looks a lot like sisal to me. I only had a small piece in the fabric closet and I had the idea to make it into a small floor mat.

            Looks like the makings of a floor mat to me. What do you think? Here we go.

To start, I folded it in half and cut the uneven excess from the sides. I plan to have this look the same on both sides.

I started by turning the good sides inside facing each other and sewing it all around with a small opening to turn it right side out again. Just like sewing a pillow. You can see the red thread that was in my machine when I started. Oops!

After sewing around I turned it inside out. Here is the opening after, I am going to sew that closed..

I sewed all around the edges to make them flat and smooth all around.

Here it is on my floor. It looks like it is made from a natural fiber but it is soft and easy on bare feet. Perfect for the bathroom as a bathmat.

It's very simple. I could have dressed it up a bit, but I like the un-fussiness of it.
Thanks for reading.

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