Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Mellow Yellow Dress

Hello Readers. I love dresses, how about you? I also love to refashion big button down shirts too. Today we have both, in a nice sunny shade of yellow. I used this yellow tank as the top and a plaid men's shirt as the skirt.

I began by removing the sleeves and shoulders of the shirt. I made my cut right through the front pocket. It doesn't look big enough to make a skirt here but it is a men's XXL. There is plenty of fabric here to make a nice skirt..

Look at that cute plaid pattern, it's adorable. I removed the rest of the pocket by unpicking the threads.

I attached the two shirts at the waist and stitched the new seam twice to help control any fraying. It will be inside so it won't show but I don't want it to be too ragged. It was a simple straight dress. I added a belt to break up all the yellow. It helps cinch in the waist. If the fit isn't perfect, a belt can really help. I put the shirt buttons in the back of the skirt, just for fun.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


  1. This looks so cool and comfortable for a hot day - and good idea to sew down the button placket. I love the colours.

    1. Thanks Jenny_o. I like the happy yellow too. A last bit of summer I guess.