Friday, March 22, 2019

The Black and Blue Dress

Hello Readers. I like to put different clothing items together and make something new. That is what I did recently with these 2 shirts to make a new dress.

I had a big men's t-shirt in black and a ladies striped shirt in black and blue stripes.

The ladies shirt fit pretty well but it was so low cut it needed a shirt under it. That can be annoying when you have 5 minutes to get dressed. I have to find another thing? In the morning??  I tried to pull it closed and stitch it in place but it was still a little too low for me.

I cut a little piece of the neckline from the black shirt to fill in the deep V of the striped shirt.

I stitched it in place and it was perfect to fill in the low-neckline of the striped shirt.

I also cut the body of the black shirt off and attached it to the bottom off the striped shirt. This was a basic t-shirt but it was much thicker than women's t-shirts. It made a great new lower half of a dress.

Once I had the two shirts sewn together, I added elastic at the waistline. I did some top stitching around the waist to make it lay flat.

It really went together easily. I like knits, they are so easy to work with. And they don't need to be ironed!

I really liked this dress. It was comfortable and black is so easy to throw on when you are in a rush. And aren't we always in a rush? Maybe it's just me.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
 *Year end update-I am still wearing this dress. It is still comfy and easy to wear.

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